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You are So Beautiful, Live, 1976 and 1979

You Are So Beautiful became a trademark song for Dennis in the 70's. Why this was the case was probably a mystery to many, in spite of the fact that Dennis would occasionally imply in conversation that he did, in fact, share writing credit on the tune. In Jon Stebbins' biography "Dennis Wilson, The Real Beach Boy" the mystery was finally uncovered, and Dennis' softspoken claim was confirmed. Dennis had indeed spontaneously collaborated with Billy Preston at a party, and what emerged was this classic standard. The song may have been made famous by Joe Cocker, but those who were lucky enough to see Dennis at a late 70's or early 80's concert appearance will understand the true meaning and spirit of the song.

The two versions presented here are from California, 1976, and the Nassau Coliseum, 1979.

CLICK here to play You are So Beautiful, 1976

CLICK here to play You Are So Beautiful, Nassau - 1979

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