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Cuddle Up, Live, 1972

A broken hand, a fast-developing songwriting skill, and a soulful voice all conspired to bring Dennis down front on the stage in the early 70s. Dennis' contibution to the band was never as strongly recognized and welcomed (by both the audience AND the group) as it was during this period of the band's evolution. It seems surprising and unlikely that the group would have even considered performing a song like Cuddle Up live...but here's the proof. Why, even Mike speaks out in favor of the song at the beginning, scolding the audience for not appreciating the fact that the band needs to experiment...grow artistically...advance musically.


talk about irony...

CLICK here to play Mike's INTRO to Cuddle Up (Boston, 1972)

CLICK here to play Cuddle Up (Boston, 1972)

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