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Forever, Live, 1971

David Frost Show, 1971
Kingsbridge Armory, 1971

Forever has become, over the years, the quintessential Dennis Wilson love ballad. It has everything one comes to expect from Dennis Wilson - simple, emotional lyrics, a sensitive and vulnerable lead vocal, and a formal structure that sounds simple and effortless on the surface, but actually incorporates some unpredictable chord changes and surprising harmonic elements.

Forever is actually one of the easiest of Dennis's compositions to perform, and the Beach Boys performed it alot in 1971. Things were looking up for Dennis...he had a happy relationship, he was becoming a confident and creative songwriter, and the band was showcasing his work. He was out from behind the drums, playing keyboards or standing center stage singing lead and background vocals, and he had just wrapped filming "Two Lane Blacktop". Dennis was on top of his game.

The two sound files below feature Dennis and the band performing Forever. The first is from the David Frost Show, and features additional backing instruments, including flute. This is a great live performance of the song, and a good audio source. The second is from the Kingsbridge Armory the same year, also w/ the flute intro. Listen for the alternate lyrics!

Play "Forever", live at the David Frost Show

Play "Forever", live at Kingsbridge

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