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...and some video

Rare live tracks, and other Denny sounds.

WEBMASTER'S NOTE: That's right, while we're working on some new sound clips, we decided to try our hand at some video clips. You'll find them at the bottom of the page...Hope you enjoy them!

there are bound to be some bugs on this page...we'll work them out over time!

Thanks for your patience. -- Dan

And now, on with the music...

While there are collections of Denny's music floating around among collectors, every once in awhile we stumble across some interesting bits of music that are very hard to find, or that are requested SO MUCH that we just have to help. That's what this page is for. Consider it a research suppliment to the collections that are already "out there". These tracks are presented in Real Audio format. If you need this application, you can download a free version at And now, on with the show!

Cuddle Up, Live A rare gem: The heartrending "Cuddle Up" performed live, 1972...with an...unusual...intro by Mike Love.

Help Me Rhonda, Live, 1974 It doesn't get any better than this. The band is red hot and Denny is in the middle of it all on lead vocal.

You Are So Beautiful You Are So Beautiful, Denny's show-stopping late 70's concert encore, co-written by Denny and Billy Preston. Two versions are presented here: One from 1976, and one from a concert at the Nassau Coliseum, 1979.

Barbara Barbara, one of Denny's trademark love ballads. This rare live version is from 1972.

I've Got A Friend One of the great lost love ballads of Dennis Wilson. This rare live version is from 1972.

Oh Lord From the notorious Brian and Dennis sessions, 1981.

Night Bloomin' Also from the notorious Brian and Dennis sessions, 1981. While we can't be sure how involved Dennis was with this track, as part of these sessions, we considered it important to include.

Forever Two...yes TWO live versions of the Dennis Wilson Classic. David Frost Show, 1971 and Kingsbridge Armory, 1971.

Only With You Carl Wilson sings lead, and Dennis accompanies on piano in this live version from 1972.

And now, the VIDEO!

Sound of Free Denny montage Our first crack at a video clip (.mpg format), clocking in at a whopping 2016K. For those of you NOT on broadband, we promise to make them smaller in the future! :-) In our opinion, for Windows users, Window Media Player is the best for mpg files, although Real Player can show them too. The Windows Media Player screen is bigger, and we like the controls better. Let us know via email if you like this whole video-clip idea.

Knebworth, 1980 - the end of "Do It Again" Video clip #2 (.mpg format), 464K. A tiny little taste of what we all wish was in our DVD player right now ! :-)

Dennis from the unedited AMERICAN BAND video Video clip #3 (.mpg format), 478K. Clip from the POB promotional video plus a little bit of an interview aboard the Harmony

We will be adding new files every so often, so keep checking this page! Surprises are forthcoming! Do you have any requests? email us at